Words of Wisdom

A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own. --Latin Proverb

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunset at Lake Hodge Park in Casselberry, FL

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a photo with you guys I took a few hours ago at a local park by my house.  Believe it or not, this photo has not been edited.  Hope you all enjoy this photo as much as I do :-)

Bye for now!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Xbox One : Can We Get Any Lazier?

Hi everyone,

So I happened to watch the release video of Microsoft's new gaming console, The Xbox One.  It's big, expensive, and will be hitting store shelves near you this holiday season (how convenient).  Am I the only one who is completely appalled by this device?  Apparently it's become too big of a hassle for us to switch inputs on our TV, or even pick up the remote control.

The Xbox One can be controlled with voice commands and hand gestures.  You say things like, "Xbox on",
"Watch TV", "Listen to music"... blah blah blah.  It's a new take on the old shtick, "When I was your age, I had to get up and change the TV channel by hand!"  Will we really be telling our children that when we were there age we had to use a remote control?

I also read that the new Xbox WILL NOT be compatible with previous Xbox games.  So we have to pay hundreds of dollars for a device we don't need, and pay a monthly fee to access things that are already accessible (usually for free) on most computers, and buy all new games ($50 and up I'm guessing) to play on this piece of junk.  That doesn't even sound good, much less look any more appealing in writing.

But they will sell... like hotcakes.  I've got to get out of this country.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Unplugged : Has the Smartphone Ruined Our Lives???

Hey again,

I was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette a little while ago when my phone went off... It was my turn on Words with Friends.  I keep a few games going and I hadn't played since last night.  So as I finished clearing out my games I happened to look over in the ashtray.  Much to my amazement, there were 3 cigarette butts sitting there instead of the 1 that I came outside to smoke.  I checked the clock, I had been sitting here for an hour playing this stupid game.  Has this ever happened to you guys before?

How much time do we spend each day checking Facebook, playing words games, tweeting, and just killing time in general on these damned smartphones?  How about every week?  Why do we waste so much time when we aren't guaranteed tomorrow?  Do our iPhones and Evos and Galaxy S whatever's really enhance our life that much?  Do we move on to our next task a better, more enlightened person because we just saw that Susie posted a picture of her cat sleeping, and then spent the next five minutes reading all the comments below it?

Maybe we should all take a step back and figure out just what the hell we are doing.  We always say that there aren't enough hours in the day, but maybe there are... maybe we just aren't using them right.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Life : Unplugged (Kind of...)

Hello everyone,
I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs today after starting a load of laundry and thought I would log in and see what's been going on around here.  Imagine my surprise when I find that I have now had over 2,000 unique visitors.  How awesome is that?

For those of you who don't know, I've had a lot of time to myself lately as I left my 9-5 in search of greener pastures.  This also happened to coincide with the end of the semester at school.  This have given me plenty of time to de-stress and regroup.  I'm proud to announce that my partner and I are house hunting.  The days of handing over money to a stranger to let us keep our shit in their house is fast approaching and I couldn't be more excited.

I've really enjoyed my time away from squeaky office chairs and fluorescent lights, perhaps a little too much.  I can't help but wonder what it would be like this all the time.  What if money wasn't a concern?  Or better yet, what would it be like living off the grid?  Maybe not entirely, for those who know me know that I'm no Amishman  (< if that isn't a word it should be)... But if rather than spending our time gossiping around the water cooler, we tended to our gardens?

Call me crazy, but everyday this week, rather than listening to hum of the air conditioner, I've opened
up all the windows and let the outside come in.  Sure it's hot as hell (I'm in Florida after all) but there is also something quite calming about the blow of breeze through my sheer draperies.  The heat causes me to spend a lot more time on the front porch and it's funny to notice things that life made me too busy to notice before.  For instance, the neighbor and his wife walk their dog around the block everyday at five o'clock...

Maybe I'm on to something here?